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Self Balacing Electric Unicycle

Bolt, the small electric scooter | electric skate

bolt electric scooter electric skate

Another Crowdfounding supported through universal page Indiegogo task has made this undertaking gathers 157% of what is fundamental for the execution of this electric skate. This venture by the youthful Italian Lorenzo Cella has been the formation of one of the littlest and lightest electric skates that exist at this …

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The BMW i8 hybrid car adds to the fleet of the hotel The Peninsula Shanghai

bmw i8 renting car

Rolls-Royce vehicles, BMW and MINI are used as fleet serving the ‘Peninsula’ hotels worldwide. Incorporating BMW range ia underlines the successful collaboration between BMW Group and the luxury hotel chain. The hotel ‘The Peninsula’ Shanghai incorporates to its fleet the BMW i8 for guests to experience firsthand the excitement of …

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Flyers with new range Ebike | Electric bikes

flyers ebike electric bike

New T arrangement ebikes Flyer The Swiss organization has introduced at the Eurobike exchange demonstrate its new model electric bikes. These electric bicycles FLYER are furnished with the creative keen innovation called FIT. This innovation has an expandable framework construction modeling taking into account enhanced driving knowledge on account of …

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Circontrol promotes the first Electric Highway for electric cars

circontrol fast charger

Circontrol has introduced 12 quick charge stations in the first electric thruway in Australia, that will venture to every part of the 310 kilometers in the middle of Perth and Australia. The boundless utilization of electric vehicles in Australia has customarily experienced a noteworthy impediment: the sympathy toward the self-rule …

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Circontrol develops electric charging system Bicing in Barcelona

Electric bike bicing barcelona

Circontrol has created and produced chargers for electric bikes and additionally physical and legitimate stage to give charging stations to integration to the servers framework log information. For a while the Bicing open bike administration of the city of Barcelona, ​​has started a venture to present electric bike keeping up …

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ITE presented in Valencia Mobincity project results for Smart Cities

smart mobility smart city

ITE specialists meet in Valencia and European scientists in electric portability in the Mobincity Final Project Management Workshop. The Institute for Energy Technology (ITE) meet on June 25 in the Technology Park of Valencia (Paterna), specialists and European scientists in electric portability with the festival of the Final Workshop of …

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