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bolt electric scooter electric skate
bolt electric scooter electric skate

Bolt, the small electric scooter | electric skate

Another Crowdfounding supported through universal page Indiegogo task has made this undertaking gathers 157% of what is fundamental for the execution of this electric skate.

This venture by the youthful Italian Lorenzo Cella has been the formation of one of the littlest and lightest electric skates that exist at this time. On account of its light weight, just 4 kgs, this little electric vehicle can be conveyed in the rucksack and can be put away anyplace the main measure 60x25x10 centimeters.

The thought of ​​creating this minimal electric scooter was their need to travel day by day 7 km to set off for college in which it took 30 minutes in making it, so he got the thought of ​​creating a light, quick and deft electric vehicle that help cover that separation in less time without needing to stress over keeping your vehicle in a protected place so it is not stolen.

This minimal electric scooter has a 2,000 W electric engine fueled by a lithium polymer battery 5000mAh ultrathin. It has a USB port for charging cell phones and Bluetooth association by means of the Smartphone to control the skate. Energizing is done in around 60-hour and a half.

We expect that in a word is accessible available to be purchased in Europe.

Bolt, the little electric scooter or electric skate.

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