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Bultaco prepares its market of electric bikes

Bultaco (electric motorcycles) prepares its imminent release to the market with the designation of Espinal Group for its distribution network in Catalonia.
Bultaco is ready for his new career in the market and the appointment of Espinal Group as a distributor in Catalonia confirms based on a flexible and sustainable model to authorized dealers and outlets that achieve a wide capillary strategy.

Hand in hand with this company, Bultaco be established at an early stage with its own shop in Barcelona and two more spaces in Granollers and Sabadell, and later implemented in the rest of Catalonia.

The manufacturer of electric scooters and electric motorcycles ensures that Espinal Group has its corporate DNA the ability to address and promote the culture of the brands represented by customer proximity and understanding and caring for their fundamental principles.

His experience with premium brands, its proactive management, extensive business acumen and attention to new technologies are essential values ​​for Bultaco.

Following this agreement, Bultaco soon close new distribution agreements for the remainder of Spanish territory as well as in Germany, France, Italy and UK, priority markets for the brand.
Espinal group has three generations in the automotive world in Catalonia, which have always opted for the competition, also with new propulsion energies, sharing the ideals of mythical Bultaco.

About Bultaco electric bikes

Bultaco is the legendary motorcycle brand founded on May 17, 1958 by Don Paco Bultó. The XXI century Bultaco returns with very advanced technology: electric propulsion system of own development, regeneration solutions and accumulation of energy to achieve a hitherto unknown range and high-level components and use of ultra lightweight materials.

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