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Catalonia works for 15 of taxis are electric in 2020
Catalonia works for 15 of taxis are electric in 2020

Catalonia works for 15% of taxis are electric in 2020

Domain and Sustainability of the Generalitat of Catalonia working for in 2020 15% of metropolitan taxis are electrical and half option fills

The Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat of Catalonia has honored last August guide worth 150,000 euros for the buy of electric vehicles and low NOx and particulate emanations into the armada of taxis. The measure is an Action’s piece Plan to enhance air quality in the urban sprawl of Barcelona (PAMQA Horizon 2020).

The guide’s goal is to support the substitution of overwhelming obligation diesel in urban territories with elevated amounts of pollution by nitrogen oxides (NOx) vehicles.

From one viewpoint, the Department has designated 80,000 euros for the buy of electric vehicles. In particular, 4,000 euros for every vehicle, to the initial 20 electric vehicles that have joined the armada of taxis amid 2014 and working in 40 metropolitan regions with relentless exceedances of nitrogen oxides.

Then again it has distributed 70,000 euros to help for the buy of half and half fuel-proficient electric taxis, common gas and melted petroleum gas (LPG) for the armada of taxis. For this situation, it has honored 1,000 euros for each vehicle for the initial 70 autos of this kind consolidated to the armada.

With these activities the administration needs to get 15% of the armada of taxis working in towns with elevated amounts of air contamination and sound weight are electrical in five years. To this end, in 2015 is relied upon to expand the line of help to 500,000 euros, likewise will go to urban dispersion electric vans in the 40 districts that surpass contamination breaking point levels.

Open private organizations to broaden the system of quick electrical charge, common gas and LPG in the way high movement force of the Generalitat.

Concerning people in general private organization, the Directorate General of Environmental Quality has consented to arrangements with Gas Natural and Repsol to expand the charging in urban and metropolitan CNG-LNG and LPG situations and held the first gatherings with Abertis for develop fast energize focuses in the ranges of electrical administration get to and travel inside of the regions of exceptional security air agglomeration of Barcelona.

More than half of help to electric vehicles fall on vehicles produced in Catalonia.

Concerning vehicle makers, the DGCA is working with SEAT to take forward the Seat Leon with characteristic gas that is made in Martorell; Nissan Motor Iberica and advance interest for electric vehicle e-NV200 produced in the Free Zone following 2014. Inside of the general population private stage LIVE, the DGCA additionally works together with the Catalan organization Circutor, a world pioneer in assembling electric charging base.

More than half of the guide allowed to electric vehicles with vehicle-NV and 200 fabricated in Catalonia. The new guide went for urban dispersion electric vans ought to likewise contribute push interest for the new electric vehicle market and specifically the model made in the production line of Nissan.

Catalonia lives up to expectations for 15% of taxis are electric in 2020

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