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Commute Case, the self-propelled briefcase
Commute Case, the self-propelled briefcase

Conmute Case, the electric briefcase

Conmute Case ™ (U.S. Patent Pending) is a unimaginably exceptional, double capacity, battery controlled, self-impelled briefcase/passenger vehicle, you can really ride! It is utilized as a solitary individual mover; an “IN-BETWEEN URBAN DAILY TRANSPORT” to get you rapidly from your every day passenger train, transport, tram, or car to any downtown area, be it your office, shopping, or any arrangement destination, on time!

Take the ultra-versatile Commute-Case ™ with, on your day by day train, transport, tram, or auto drive, as a super cool, creative, standard estimated satchel, measuring (collapsed) only 18″ L x 13″ W x 4″ H, and weighing just 27 lbs. You can put a portable workstation, PC tablets, advanced mobile phone, journals, records, pens, or lunch sack into its interior stockpiling territory. It can be put away effortlessly on open transportation under the seat in front, under your seat, or right close to it. Savvy, basic, ultra conservative and compact, this is one of a kind folder case, you simply need to ride and also own. You can carry a Commute-Case ™ with you into workplaces, classrooms, eateries, and even your most loved nearby café! Simply get the agreeable, folder case style convey handle, situated at the top focus of the unit.

The novel, restrictive double capacity highlight Briefcase, which conveys in only 3-5 seconds, into a ultra-convenient, lightweight, battery fueled urban drive vehicle, is accessible just from Green Energy Motors Corp. Environmentally friendly power Energy Motors Corp. is a secretly held enterprise situated in Vernon Hills, IL. We have as of late cooperated with an electric bike firm to conclude the outline and will source from one of the significant electric vehicle organizations in China.

Conmute Case ™ is controlled by the U.S. Buyer Product Safety Commission as an Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device (customer item), as opposed to an engine vehicle, and does not require tags, state enrollment, or a driver’s permit to work. Drive Case ™ is lawful to drive in every one of the 50 states, anyplace bikes are permitted to be driven, and past i.e., inside substantial structures.

If it’s not too much trouble note we have both wholesalers and extreme buyers from 25+ nations on a “Holding up LIST” for conveyance, yet at the same time need USD $300,000 in value financial specialist subsidizing for tooling, a generation line here in the U.S. on the other hand E.U. also, stock to convey.

Conmute Case, the electric briefcase

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