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Energica, new electric motorbike
Energica, new electric motorbike

Energica, new electric motorbike

The world’s most critical occasion in bike industry. The Italian producer of high-performing electric motorbikes is assuming a key part on the electric motorbike advertise.

In this last year Energica took an unequivocal increase with the IPO leaning to Milan stock trade and start of modern generation.

“Our business thought is profoundly established in the outstanding Italian Motor Valley, the place that is known for remarkable and visionary business visionaries, including my dad.” Said Livia Cevolini, CEO Energica Motor Company.

At Eicma 2016 Energica indicates 6 bikes from organization’s models run and another model, EsseEsse9.

EsseEsse9 idea: the spearheading development

Amid these years Energica specialized group has been able to make another field inside car showcase: the electric supersport and high-performing cruiser portion.

“We have concentrated on brilliant crude materials and planned ex novo best in class building answers for guarantee our clients a premium line of electric motorbikes.” Said Giampiero Testoni, CTO Energica Motor Company.

“Lately we improved our principle models for modern creation and we kept on taking a shot at a third model that will be propelled in 2018”.

At EICMA 2016, the organization has in this way uncovered another idea, a development of outline and advancements.

“With this new venture we needed to introduce a model totally extraordinary. We chose to find our electric motorbike uncovering what we have constantly shrouded, the specialized segments.” Continued Testoni.

The new model has been called EsseEsse9, as the genuine name of Via Emilia, the real street that crosses the Italian Motor Valley.

EsseEsse9 approaches the old-school branch of cruisers as it’s a vital model: an idea that encases the real motors enthusiasm commonplace of our locale.

“We merged the eventual fate of versatility with the valuable convention of our property, crossed by a street that is called EsseEsse9. We’ve been propelled by the sporadic squares of stones of this course in the selection of tires.” Said Paolo Iemmi, Designer Energica.

Energica, new electric motorbike

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