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EV4, the electric bike with 3 wheels
EV4, the electric bike with 3 wheels

EV4, the electric bike with 3 wheels

From Poland cames the last advancement of an electric tricycle-bicycle with an electric help motor with the capacity to tilt on the turn, giving a sensation to drive a motorbike.

Jacek Skopinski, administrator of Aero-Service organization taking into account Warsaw/Poland, committed to the configuration, development and repair and maintance of ultralight metal flying machines, chose in 2014 to amplify the offer and start with the generation of a little four-wheeled electric vehicle, which is the EV4. All the information and experience picked up from flying are extended to the outline and development of the EV4. The EV4, starting from undertaking to outline and the innovation and materials utilized, has flying causes.

The thought for an EV4 electric bicycle was to make a cycling rendition of the EV4 quadricycles. The objective was to outline a bicycle with a one of a kind appearance and high caliber. In the wake of making the four wheel drive EV4 which was warmly gotten in the business sector and has turned into the key item, a few people guaranteed that the EV4 is OK, yet could do with a cycling adaptation, so individuals could smolder off a few calories while in transit to work. Presently the EV4 Bike is conceived.

The EV4 electric bike is a pedelec with three wheels, that implies you need to pedal, however your power can benefit from outside assistance by an electric motor. It has two wheels on the front and one on the back, and on the same time is a tilting vehicle, one of a kind in the outline and in the inclination. A unique plan pretty much as EV4, which would permit to separate itself from the group.

The specialized determinations are a BLDC engines from 250W to max 800W, a litio-particle battery pack of 36V and 13Ah, an extent between 30 t0 80 kilometers and a pace together with the assistance of the electric engines up to 25 km/h, to finish the laws. The EV4 electric bike is 150 cm long, 60 cm wide and 110 cm high. It has pressure driven plate on the three wheels to ensure a decent stopping mechanism… furthermore, an aluminum outline from the flight related field.

EV4, the electric bike with 3 wheels

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