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flebi electric bike
flebi electric bike

Evo Flebi new electric bicycle / electric bike.

Flebi the Seville company has launched its new EVO electric and folding bike.

Flebi launches its new power, lightweight folding electric bike: the Evo. It is certainly the model that best represents the concept of ultraplegable and compact e-bike in the Spanish brand focuses since 2010. Noted for an innovative and stylish design, 16 “wheels, a featherweight of just 11kg and advanced electric performance thanks to its power and 9A 250W battery (24V), which provide between 35 and 40km of autonomy.
Its folding system is very comfortable and reduces its size to a minimum. It can be introduced into the carrying bag (accessory) and transported back turned into a backpack. It has PAS (pedal assistance) with 3 selectable levels of assistance from a display, and an optional accelerator that can be enabled easily. Your RRP is 849 € (VAT included), which positions it as a truly competitive electric bike.

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