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Mobility Experiment: City Driving On-Demand, London

Ford launches electric car-sharing with secure parking

Ford launched an experiment in car-sharing, the first service to offer guaranteed paths with parking.

Ford will offer Londoners service GoDrive car-sharing, flexible, practical and affordable. The brand has invited 2,000 users to register for free to this service offering 50 vehicles in 20 different locations.

GoDrive offers one-way trips with guaranteed parking. The focus of pay as you go with per-minute charges cover the full cost of service (London circulation rates, insurance and fuel). Reserve drivers and vehicles access through a smartphone application.

GoDrive half the fleet is composed of units with zero emissions Focus Electric. Units are also available 1.0-liter EcoBoost Fiesta. The service complements other integrated transport systems, enabling integrated journeys.

GoDrive makes a continuous evaluation of feedback; initial tests, the strong interest in one-way trips, easy parking and simplified rates. Users are responding positively to electric vehicles.

The project began as one of the more than 25 experiments that make Smart Mobility Ford, Ford’s plan to use technology and innovation to lead the company to a higher level in terms of connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, user experience and big data. The pilot was City Driving On-Demand. The application presented to the public is called GoDrive.

It is estimated that car-sharing industry exceeds 5,500 million euros by 2020.
It is estimated that only in the UK, the car-sharing sector will grow by 23 percent between 2013 and 2025. A recent study commissioned by Ford which polled 5,500 people in major European cities found that most people considers its more stressful than their own work journey. 80 percent of Londoners said late for work at least once a month due to traffic jams.

Other experiments car-sharing

Ford is also exploring experiments car-sharing in Germany, India and the US to help the company determine the best way to serve global users to take on new mobility in the future. Other experiments include car-sharing:

Ford Carsharing, Germany’s first car-sharing program powered by a manufacturer that has the support of dealers. Bring it worked two years and has recently been expanded to 40 dealers of 67 cities with 135 locations. In partnership with the car-sharing company Flinkster, the service allows users to access Ford Carsharing about 3,600 vehicles Flinkster and 270,000 Flinkster users can use the fleet of Ford. Since 2015, users can access the cars using a smartphone application instead of a user card.

Share-Car, Bangalore, India: Ford works with Zoomcar to test a concept of carsharing that would allow small groups, either co-workers, families, etc., share a vehicle between multiple workers. This approach helps users who can not afford a car but want to enjoy the benefits of owning one. It is expected that the pilot program is expanded two more communities this year.

Car Swap, Dearborn, USA: An experiment using the Ford fleet vehicles. Participating employees use a mobile application that allows them to find a vehicle that fits your needs and negotiate the terms of change. The experiment will provide a deeper understanding of how Ford can help the exchange of vehicles easier understanding.

Dynamic Shuttle, New York and London: Explore a service that offers collection and destination on demand. The experiment seeks to better understand the social dynamics and displacement requirements of shared transport.

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