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Gogoro hit Europe with new electric scooters

The successful testing in Taiwan activate their arrival in Europe
Gogoro is a project that uses electric scooters battery exchange stations. In early 2016 Amsterdam will be the first European city to test the system of the Taiwanese company.

Gogoro is a company founded by a former manager of the Taiwanese company HTC mobile technology and has received investment from important companies such as Panasonic, which in 2011 put on the table $ 100 million, in addition to becoming the provider battery exchange system which is the basis for this project.

Exchange system batteries Gogoro
The first tests of the system in March pulled in Taiwan where they have come to start 90 battery exchange stations and 2,000 scooters. The battery exchange stations are available to homeowners stations and locations open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in the style of Tesla superchargers. The landing in Europe will take place in Amsterdam in early 2016.

The innovative exchange system batteries Gogoro customization possibilities scooter bind at the time of the acquisition in specialty stores and dedicated only to this product and its connectivity installed in the mobile phone application. Added to this is the careful design and manufacturing, based on single piece of aluminum used.

Gogoro hit Europe with new electric scooters

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