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Greyp, the new e-bike
Greyp, the new e-bike

Greyp, the new e-bike

These days it’s truly hard to separate between an electric bicycle and an electric scooter or an electric motorcycle; the Croatian organization Greyp demostrate it with the new versión of their G12 electric bicycle, so capable that it must be clasified as an electric moped. With this group it can go up to 45 km/h (28 mph).

In any case, actually the G12 can go up to 70 km/h, a lot for European avenues. So now the organization shows the G12 H, useful for 45 km/h in the classification of an electric Moped, and with a high scope of around 240 kilometers. The reviving time is still just 80 minutes from as standard electrical plug.

This electric motorcycle will have its exceptional cost. Greyp hasn`t reported when offering will begin – they said “coming soon”, yet the cost, not affirmed by the organization, may be pass the 8.000 Euros.

Greyp, the new e-bike

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