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Hanergy launches 4 new solar electric cars
Hanergy launches 4 new solar electric cars

Hanergy launches 4 new solar electric cars

Hanergy Holding Group, the world’s driving slim film sun oriented force organization, dispatched four full sunlight based force vehicles at a terrific service themed “Problematic Innovations Drive the Future”.

A electric cars named “Hanergy Solar R” made its presentation as Li Hejun, Board Chairman and CEO of Hanergy Holding Group, drove it around the venue in the spotlight. In his discourse, Mr. Li expounded on the benefits of slim film sunlight based cells, for example, light weight and adaptability, empowering the phones to be coordinated into an assortment of items, for example, electric cars, unmanned ethereal vehicles, mobiles, knapsacks and garments. The full sun powered force electric cars making their introduction showcase the most recent accomplishments of Hanergy’s versatile vitality methodology, he said.

As Hanergy’s full sun oriented force cars procure control straightforwardly from the sun, they don’t rely on upon charging posts and in this manner have no compelling reason to trouble with “separation per charge” any longer, making “zero charging” conceivable amid medium and short separation ventures. Breaking the bottleneck of poor reasonableness of past sun powered fueled cars, the four dispatched by Hanergy are the main full thin-film sun powered force vehicles that can be marketed, rethinking new vitality vehicles.

With a change rate of 31.6%, Hanergy’s gallium arsenide (GaAs) double intersection sun based cell was recompensed with aWorld Record Certificateby the World Record Association at the dispatch occasion. The innovation had beforehand been perceived by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) of the United States for its reality’s most astounding transformation rate on January 5, 2016.

Notwithstanding Hanergy Solar R, the Hanergy Solar arrangement of vehicles propelled on Saturday evening additionally included Hanergy Solar O, Hanergy Solar L and Hanergy Solar A, focused at various gatherings of clients.

The electric cars highlight light weight and boost of the zone secured by slender film sunlight based cells. Their easy to understand outlines empower clients to choose and oversee distinctive voyaging and climate modes in a constant, portable, arranged and brilliant way. Clients can choose accusing modes in agreement of shifted climate conditions through Apps on their mobiles. In addition, the vehicles are furnished with ultrasonic cleaning innovation for upkeep of the sun based cells.

As indicated by Dr. Gao Weimin, Vice President of Hanergy Holding Group and CEO of its Solar Vehicle Business Division, the four full sun powered force vehicles are incorporated with adaptable GaAs slim film sunlight based cells, covering 3.5 to 7.5 square meters individually. With five to six hours of daylight, the slender film sun based cells on the vehicle can create eight to ten kilowatt-hours of force a day, permitting it to go around 80 km, proportionate to more than 20,000 km every year, which fulfills the need of driving in a city under typical circumstances. With this problematic advancement, the full sun oriented force electric cars no more need to depend on charging posts like conventional electric cars.

Under the method of schedule day utilize, the vehicles can accuse themselves of clean sunlight based vitality while voyaging, making “zero charging” conceivable. It adjusts our inborn idea of “separation per charge” of an electric vehicle. In the instances of feeble daylight or long-remove travel, the lithium batteries prepared in the vehicles can likewise get power from charging posts, empowering them to travel a most extreme of 350 km for every charge.

The R&D of the full sun based force cars was done freely by Hanergy, which possesses more than 120 licenses and restrictive protected innovation rights for them.

Hanergy launches 4 new solar electric cars

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