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Hyundai presents Hyundai IONIQ the new hybrid car
Hyundai presents Hyundai IONIQ the new hybrid car

Hyundai presents Hyundai IONIQ the new hybrid car

Hyundai Motor manufacturer officially offered the first pictures and details of a hybrid vehicle incorporating three engines in the same body.

Ioniq embodies the new thinking of Hyundai Motor and some bold ambitions for the future. This new hybrid car will be the starting point for our future mobility.

Rag defines Jung, Chief, Division of Project Management in R & D Center of Hyundai Motor, the Ioniq, a new car because under the hood you’ll find a conventional mechanical hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric.

Built on a chassis specifically created to bring the three engines the Ioniq is made with 53% of combined advanced high strength steel with lightweight aluminum. The new model saves 12.6 kg thanks to the aluminum smelting some non-structural parts of the body, such as the components of the bonnet, tailgate and suspension.
The advanced high strength steel can withstand the forces exerted by a strong impact reducing energy must necessarily be absorbed in this situation. As a car created directly for the three mechanical batteries are placed in the bottom which causes its center of gravity drops significantly resulting in its dynamic responsiveness.

The hybrid system
An electric version, a plug-in hybrid gasoline and other gasoline-electric hybrid
Of the three mechanics that will be available under the same vehicle presentation in Korea unveiled the details of the first to hit the market in the second half of 2016: the hybrid gasoline (no plug).
The new 1.6-liter GDi Kappa developed exclusively for hybrid engines Hyundai Motor, achieved an efficiency of 40%, well above those normally shuffled. It combines with the permanent magnet electric motor to deliver maximum output of 105 hp (78.3 kW) and 32.5 kW (43.5 hp) in the combustion engine and the electric motor respectively. 200 bar high pressure generated by the pump and injectors 6 hole further improves fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
The lithium battery located under the bench seat back, is optimized to provide power discharge while optimizing the regeneration system achieves a battery charge very efficiently and quickly. Hyundai mount a dual clutch transmission (DCT) that achieves a yield of 95.7% in transmission power, great performance in acceleration and a smooth shifting. It has two operating modes, ECO and SPORT, the first engine manages to minimize fuel consumption, while looking for the best performance SPORT.

Hyundai presents Hyundai IONIQ the new hybrid car

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