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Johammer J1: the new electric motorcycle
Johammer J1: the new electric motorcycle

Johammer J1: the new electric motorcycle

The Johammer J1, the main electric motorcycle on the planet with a scope of 200 kilometers, has gotten the prestigious red spot 2016 in Germany.

Johammer J1, is an electric motorcycle fabricated in Austria, with an outline that is out of the ordinances, electromechanical innovation with unique arrangements and an electric responsibility to results scope of 200 km/h on a solitary charge.

It is one of the first electric motorcycle creation that has a scope of 200 km on a solitary charge, and has been produced and fabricated in Austria. Its cost is around 25,000 euros (for J1.200 12.7 kWh battery) and 23,000 euros for the 8.3 battery kW/h. The most extreme rate is 120 km/h and the charging time is 3.5 hours and 2.5 separately (discretionary a hour).

They are produced and made by Johammer. The BMS of the battery are planned and actualized to meet the force determinations and exact mechanics and have experienced thorough testing (vibration, shock, electric charge, …).

Johammer J1 the new electric motorcycle
Johammer J1 the new electric motorcycle


Continuous power output: 11 kW / maximum output power: 16 kW
Transmission: 1: 10.15
DC-excited synchronous motor with the transmission of a single stage, both immersed in the sealing bath oil, maintenance
Electric motor brake with energy recovery
Air conditioner


The Li-ion battery made by Johammer
Rated voltage: 72 V, which operates between 60V and 82V; max. 12.7 kWh capacity
Load capacity: 16A using 230 V outlet and 3 kW on-board charger; Optional: 400 V 16A using standardized socket and 8 kW onboard charger
Lifespan: more than 100,000 km and 80% of the residual capacity


Setting: central aluminum frame, screwed
Rear: Single-arm cast aluminum with integrated drive unit
Front: double wishbone arm aluminum box-section aluminum parallel to equalize braking torque
Front wheel: aluminum rim with 2 discs bolted flanges
rear wheel: aluminum wheels with welded flange pressed


Dual-piston calipers front brake and rear disc diameter of 300 mm
Thanks to the recovery of braking, the brake pads last far beyond normal mileage

Johammer J1: the new electric motorcycle


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