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New battery of 100 kWh for Tesla electric car
New battery of 100 kWh for Tesla electric car

New battery of 100 kWh for Tesla electric car

Tesla will create, in a first stage, 200 electric cars a week of this new model
Tesla has made authority what was at that point an open mystery: the new 100 kWh battery that is accessible for the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X for which expands their independence and execution.

A Dutch web journal uncovered a couple days prior the fast approaching landing of the new battery of 100 kWh Tesla to be incorporated into the offer both the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X in the Performance form with four-wheel drive and Ludicrous mode included and at first just 200 units will be fabricated at week. The “basic” variant will arrive later.

As indicated by record the own Tesla Motors on his web journal P100D Ludicrous Model S will be the third generation electric car to quicken speedier from 0 to 100 km/h. Only 2.5 seconds. However the two electric cars that went before it, the laferrari and Porsche 918 Spyder are constrained versions whose expense approximates million dollars. Nothing to do with auto worked in arrangement, with four entryways, space for baggage, five seats for grown-ups and two for youngsters, electric and all-wheel drive as the Model S.

On account of Model X, a SUV with seating for seven grown-ups, this new battery makes it the world’s quickest SUV. The Model P100D Ludicrous quickens from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds.

Not just advantages are expanded. In the Tesla Model S, and the cycle NEDC European endorsement, the new battery will achieve 613 kilometers, 300 miles (507 kilometers) in the US EPA cycle, turning into the principal electric getting past the hindrance of 300 miles.

The Tesla Model X homologated with the new battery, 542 km in the European cycle and 289 miles (465 kilometers) in the Americas.

Tesla knows that the P100DL are models for which you need to pay a huge entirety of cash. What’s more, it legitimizes saying that clients willing to purchase a Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X will support the last improvement and generation of the Tesla Model 3 decreasing its cost.

New battery of 100 kWh for Tesla electric car

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