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New electric motorcycles Bultaco
New electric motorcycles Bultaco

New electric motorcycles Bultaco

Presently the Brinco reach is stretched out to address all issues and for all gatherings of people. The Bultaco Brinco R, maker of inventive MOTO-BIKE idea has not yet finished one year available when it is currently finished with three new forms, all affirmed: the Brinco R-E, C and Brinco S.


The pioneer, the BULTACO Brinco R is certifiable, the sportiest form, the Brinco R is the ideal sidekick for the individuals who need to appreciate private circuit most extreme execution of its intense motor and its casing and padding bike with Bultaco seal.

The Bultaco Brinco R brags an arrangement of suspensions PRO flexible reversed fork with a stupendous keep running of 180 mm for the front haggle mm for the back, inclining toward tires go dirt road romping superior that permit up or down where you need . Most extreme fun unbounded.

The motor is the same in all Brinco, with 2 kW of greatest force and a top velocity of 60 km/h, has each conceivable power to go anyplace, a power can be given with its three projects use Sport , and Eco Tour.

The power of the electric engine guarantees intense battery of Lithium-Ion 1,3kWh high solidness and quality, a battery that weighs 1.5 kilos and is totally energized in three hours into a family unit outlet. Self-governance check the utilization made of Brinco, going from 50 km in Sport mode, more than 100 km in ECO mode.


The affirmed adaptation of the Bultaco Brinco R is the R-E. Holds all the elements of the Brinco R, yet now can be utilized with no confinement. It is the generally useful Brinco second to none, since it repudiates its utilization rough terrain, yet you can likewise use on open streets, both city and wide open. The R-E Brinco adaptation is for the individuals who adore the rough terrain environment and sportier execution and would prefer not to surrender their utilization on go by a wide range of territory.

The Bultaco Brinco R-E varies stylishly from the Brinco R by fusing everything required for use in urban streets, for example, the mirror, the back bumper with backing for educational cost, front lamp (LED with programmed ignition sensor) and reflex reflectors; back, side and on the pedals, and the consequent pilot position brake light, side stand and horn and fundamental.


Bultaco needs to give the chance to possess and appreciate a Brinco to all clients. Energy of the brand is an insurance of execution and eminence, a select item that more propelled pilots will adventure to the full, yet there is a Brinco for every client, and this is the Bultaco Brinco C, is the ideal buddy for the individuals who need to appreciate of his strolls in the wide open without requiring energetic execution.

The Brinco C gives a more agreeable than the R driving and R-E on account of the brought down seat tallness (50mm lower than the R, R-E), an agreeable handle visiting (10mm more extensive and with an outline that upgrades ergonomics).

The suspensions, named for Brinco C as Comfort, have 150 mm of travel front and back, as opposed to the 180 mm having the R and R-E 270 mm in front and behind them.

The Bultaco Brinco C is endorsed for all uses, with a less requesting level of energy, more open for all sizes and all open Brinco adaptation. The ideal partner to appreciate fun rides outside and inside the city. It is effectively recognized from whatever remains of the extent for its interesting green and yellow joined by all the required components for endorsement depicted previously.


Brinco urbanite is related to the letter S Street and two rich shading plans; highly contrasting. The Bultaco Brinco S loses nothing in quality, quality, execution and eminence of all veritable Bultaco. The item logic is the very same, 100% fun however specialized arrangements are intended to get the best setting for urban environment, both execution and solace.

It is the Brinco for checking out the city consolidating accelerating exercise with the vitality of its intense motor to appreciate a lovely stroll amid the weekend or to get the opportunity to work with great soul and go home practicing and killing poisons of a working day in office.

The Bultaco Brinco S is intended for clients more “urbanites” solace suspensions mounted, 150 mm travel front and back, for this situation bolstered on street wheels with 24-inch haggles studless tires.

The Bultaco Brinco S is without a doubt the Brinco with the largest amount of the entire reach solace since it has a recessed seat tallness (50mm) and an agreeable handlebar visiting (10mm more extensive than the handlebars of the R/RE and a configuration that enhances ergonomics).

New electric motorcycles Bultaco

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