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New hybrid excavator of Komatsu
New hybrid excavator of Komatsu

New hybrid excavator of Komatsu

Komatsu Europe International exhibits the HB365LC-3, a high innovation and earth supportable 36 tons hibrid excavator.

Contrasted with a standard PC360LC-11 excavator, the new Komatsu Hybrid excavator was intended to give 20% fuel reserve funds to clients. Since 2008, when Komatsu popularized the principal hybrid development gear ever, a sum of 10,000,000 hours of operation have been enrolled by excavators profiting from Komatsu’s demonstrated hybrid innovation, which is today at work on more than 3,500 units around the world.

The new HB365LC-3 hybrid excavator includes an EU Stage IV motor and ultra-low clamor levels, and it further strengthens Komatsu’s solid duty towards a generous lessening of the ecological effect of earthmoving machines. It has the same SAA6D114E-6 motor (202 kW/271 HP) as the PC360LC-11, with up to 53kW additional electric force supplied by the progressive Komatsu Hybrid framework.

The motor vitality created amid the swing-braking stage is changed over to power, which is sent through an inverter and caught by the Komatsu Ultra Capacitor. At the point when quickening under workload conditions the caught vitality is released rapidly for upper structure pivot and to help the motor as instructed by the hybrid controller.

The exceptionally tough Komatsu-created and made hybrid parts are secured by a “5 year or 10.000 hours” uncommon guarantee. All machine segments and the EU Stage IV motor are ideally controlled to coordinate the current work and are composed through Komatsu’s aggregate vehicle control framework to convey remarkable fuel investment funds and a lessened carbon impression with no bargain on machine execution.

New hybrid excavator of Komatsu

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