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New electric car Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept
New electric car Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept

New plug-in hybrid car: Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept

The US is the largest market in the world SUV; No other country in which the SUV and off-road vehicles enjoy similar success. Now, Volkswagen introduced the Tiguan GTE Active Concept a car that will mark the new generation of SUVs- in a world premiere held at the International Motor North America (NAIAS) in Detroit, in the country of origin of these vehicles.

The propulsion system of 225 hp Tiguan GTE Active Concept is particularly progressive: an efficient plug-in hybrid system with two electric motors and a combustion engine, which can transmit power to all four wheels, either automatically or by a button. This vehicle exhibition, Volkswagen demonstrates the potential that may have plug-in hybrid systems. On board the Concept Tiguan Active GTE, technology drive system ensures that the SUV offers an off-road behavior reliably even in purely electric mode.

SUV product offensive. The five-seat prototype is based on the completely redesigned second generation of the Tiguan. The Tiguan plug-in hybrid reflects the enormous technical possibilities of the new generation of plug-in hybrid SUV with drive system with four wheels and an infotainment system has also been renovated (9.2-inch touch screen with gesture control and a glass surface high end). From the spring of 2017, will reach US in a version with an even greater distance between seats and seven axes. For Volkswagen, the new Tiguan represents the kick-off of an offensive of SUV models that expand the offering in the range significantly, especially in North America.

Zero emissions in the starting phase. After turning the propulsion system, the prototype always begins circulating as zero-emission vehicle with pure electric mode ‘E-mode’. Normally, it is powered by the rear wheels, but if there is risk of loss of traction, the front wheels are also coupled in a split second. All four wheels are also activated when the driver selects the Active Control 4MOTION programs four-wheel drive and off-road. In this case the Tiguan Concept Active GTE also starts with four-wheel drive and zero emissions (if the battery is sufficiently charged, of course). The Volkswagen can travel up to 32 kilometers in electric mode. The range of the vehicle (based on 12.4 kWh battery capacity and the fuel tank 64 liters) is 933 kilometers.

Overall progressive concept. Volkswagen has set the design, assembly and technical features of the SUV to be as progressive as its plug-in hybrid propulsion system. The Tiguan Concept Active GTE projects a genuine off-road appearance, causing a strong impression with its elegant precision and perfection, and its stylized proportions. The Tiguan is the first SUV based on modular cross-platform (MQB), and shows an innovative use as plug-in hybrid space. Moreover, as the recent production version of the new generation of SUVs, the Tiguan Concept Active GTE is also equipped with safety systems like Front Assist with city emergency brake and pedestrian detection system including an active bonnet, Lane Assist and multiple anti-collision braking system. Another highlight is its prototype infotainment system: Active in Tiguan GTE Concept, Volkswagen presents the pointer system of a new generation of high-tech infotainment, which has implemented a 9.2-inch touch screen and control gesture for the first time in this segment. Inside you will also find a big screen Active Info Display (fully digital instruments) and a head-up display.

New hybrid electric car: Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept

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