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Pininfarina Speed ​​H2 with hydrogen propulsion
Pininfarina Speed ​​H2 with hydrogen propulsion

Pininfarina Speed ​​H2 with hydrogen propulsion

Pininfarina divulged at the last Geneva Motor Show the idea of superior Speed H2 fuel cell powered by hydrogen.  The Italian outline firm Pininfarina auto disclosed at the last Geneva Motor Show the idea of elite H2 Speed, which could be the world’s cleanest supercar.

In view of the innovation of fuell cells hydrogen is the primary supercar energy component that has been directed in organization with GreenGT, a Franco-Swiss organization that has been planning, creating and delivering frameworks supportable impetus since 2008.  The H2 Speed is controlled by two electric engines, fueled by a power device hydrogen light with two stacks and an arrangement of braking energy recovery.

It is a zero-emission vehicle fit for achieving 300 km/h that transmits just water vapor into the air. With a most extreme force of 503 horsepower, the motor quickens from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds.  the hydrogen tank can be filled in only 3 minutes. The compressor gives a sound and an exceptional tone, altogether different from traditional electric cars, and methodologies a shrieking sound and normal for the most astonishing sci-fi motion pictures.  The carbon chassis gives two highlights solidness and low weight (1.420 Kg), and consolidates in that hydrogen tanks 6.1 kg to store fuel at around 700 bar weight.

Paolo Pininfarina “The H2 Speed is the symbol of Pininfarina, dedication to purity, elegance and innovation says. The spirit of the project is directly linked to the large aerodynamic tradition explored by Pininfarina over the decades, as well as our more recent dream cars. the current concept is a synthesis of technology, sustainability, harmony, airflow and, above all, speed. and it is also the best way to confirm the role of Pininfarina as the standard bearer of the aesthetic values of Italian design in the world and to strengthen its brand, the true hallmark of the company. ”

Hydrogen propulsion system: 2 electric motors racing, 1 H2 fuel cell light, Regenerative braking system energy

Chassis: Carbon chassis, Bar front and rear suspension fork and push, carbon brakes

Motor:2 synchronous electric motors with permanent magnets, Maximum power: 370 kW at 13,000 rpm (503 hp)

Energy Production: PEMFC fuel cell 210 kW, 2 batteries

Transmission: Direct transmission to the rear wheels (ratio: 1: 6.3), Clutchless / without differential / without gearshift, Managing individual pair

Hydrogen storage: Fuel tank capacity: 6.1 kg, Storage Technology 700 bar, Autonomy: the same as an internal combustion, Time for refueling: 3 minutes

The recovery of braking energy: 400 V nominal battery, 20 Ah capacity

Emissions: Air and water in the exhaust, Without pollution

Weight: 1420 kg with body, Weight change refueling: only 6.1 kg, Center weight distribution: 41% front / rear 59%

Speeds: Maximum speed 300 kmh, 0 to 100 km / h: 3.4 seconds, 0-400 m: 11 seconds

Pininfarina Speed H2 with hydrogen propulsion

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