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revobot new electric scooter
revobot new electric scooter

Revobot, a new electric scooter concept.

Revobot is another idea of electric scooter with two wheels in parallel, a city auto and skateboard blend between the Segway. The organization situated in Miami (USA) secured subsidizing your undertaking through crowdfunding Indiegogo page. This demonstrates that the Crowdfunding is exceptionally well known in English-talking nations …

It is a two-wheeled vehicle in parallel to a capable blend of self-adjusting framework to give greatest security to the driver. Heads making headway with the body marginally, to make them go. In the event that it returns straight, the vehicle brakes, and if one reclines, the vehicle back. The same goes for side laos: lieramente turn the body to one side or right to drive.

It sounds straightforward, however most likely in the event that you require some practice.

The Revobot can be associated with the cell phone by means of Bluetooth to in this way control the velocity and the self-rule of the batteries straightforwardly with your portable.

Its velocity is constrained to around 11 km/h, with a scope of up to 20 kilometers. It has two 350 W electric engines at every wheel, fueled by a lithium-particle battery 36V/4.4 Ah. It weighs just 10 kilograms slice.

The assessed cost is somewhere around 550 and 600 € and the first group has as of now been sold through the same Crowdfunding at a worthwhile cost. Presently we would like to begin building this vehicle arrangement – booked for September this year – and its quality meets desires, so on the off chance that we have a cutioso little vehicle to move nearby.

Revobot, electric skateboard.

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