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Second edition of electric vehicle fair in Madrid
Second edition of electric vehicle fair in Madrid

Second edition of electric vehicle fair in Madrid

Madrid facilitated in the Plaza of Colon the second edition of the Electric Vehicle VEM 2016, a meeting to advance the utilization and the dynamic execution of electric vehicles in the city.

For the City Council, organizations should be included in accomplishing feasible versatility, advancing joint effort among the areas included and putting resources into new innovations. “Coordinated effort amongst open and private areas, establishments and undertakings is key to address an issue that we have today most urban communities,” said Ines Sabanés, at the opening of VEM-16.

We should utilize all the knowledge, all capacities, all advancements and all components of cooperation important to guarantee the aggregate wellbeing and to complete the battle against contamination

Accomplishing maintainable versatility is one of the principle destinations of the neighborhood environment and in charge of mobility, and a need for the City of Madrid.

Decreasing private movement and utilization of perfect or controlled by low dirtying energizes, among which the electric vehicle, vehicles are crucial measures to accomplish this objective.

The electric bike use, the dedication to open transport and zap of transport are the principle lines in versatility that will meet the difficulties of air quality and environmental change which confronts Madrid.

Street activity is one of the fundamental driver of clamor and air contamination in Madrid. Subsequently, the city board is planning another portability display that minimizes natural effect and empower it to recover the utilization of urban space for nationals.

In this configuration, electric mobility is a key variable, particularly in specific segments, the high number of day by day ventures made by the city as urban cargo conveyance, the taxi or open transportation.

To advance electric versatility, the City of Madrid keeps up a progression of duty motivators for electric, hybrid electric vehicles or module developed extent. These advantages include: Free stopping places Regulated Parking Service (SER), in the wake of acquiring approval Zero Emissions; 75% discount on the duty standard vehicles (IVTM); Free access to Priority Areas Residential (APRs), and free access to the city amid the usage of the Protocol of exhibitions in scenes of high contamination.

Madrid has a system of 24 charging stations for electric vehicles, municipally possessed, situated in the road. In addition, there are more than 100 electric charging focuses in auto parks of nearby turn, both oversaw by the Municipal Transport Company and by other private administrators under concession.

New electric vehicles will be added to the metropolitan fleet because of the incorporation of natural criteria in new contracts for city administrations, for example, waste gathering, and the substitution of old vehicles in fleets worked by focal administrations.

Likewise upheld the Madrid Consistory electric vehicle ventures shared as Car2go, which works in the focal zone of the city.

Moreover, the city offers a common electric bike, Bicimad, which has more than 60,000 clients, 164 stations and offers clients more than 2,000 electric bicycles day by day.

Second edition of electric vehicle fair in Madrid

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