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electric bike segway
electric bike segway

Segway dispatches its own line of electric bikes

Segway dispatches the European business sector its own line of electric bicycles: a mountain bicycle and other urban, both accessible at a cost of 2,475 euros + VAT.

Segway Spain has begun showcasing its new line of electric bicycles: a mountain bicycle and other urban coming to grow the group of electric individual transporters brand.

Both the ‘M5.0 Mountain E-Bike‘ as the ‘UM5.0 Male Roadster E-Bike’ have a focal motor Intuvia showcase box AL6061 aluminum composite, water powered circle brakes, 10 velocity change, wheels 27.5 inches and 400 Wh battery with a scope of up to 110 kilometers. Both bicycles around 20 kilos of weight and are accessible at the same cost: 2,475 euros + VAT.

The new scope of electric bicycles joins the quality and dependability of own items Segway individual transport with the adaptability that clients anticipate from an electric bike. Segway’s broad involvement in the segment has been enter in selecting the best parts for its new items, for example, help frameworks Bosch accelerating or transmission frameworks, changes and Shimano water driven brakes. All mounted a focal motor for flawless equalization and mobility.

The accelerating help frameworks from Bosch are made out of different (a focal engine, battery, locally available PC and charger) segments that are intended to be completely incorporated into the bicycle and keep running as one. Bosch focal motors are famous for their proficiency, toughness and execution. To give transmission control quietly without influencing the parity and guarantee the rider to control the greatest steep and long courses. Transmission frameworks and water powered Shimano changes and brakes give ideal braking energy to amplify security, while advancing reconciliation changes, and the transmission energy to guarantee an adjusted and smooth driving.

It is no occurrence that this new item run Segway is coordinated just to the European market. Ron Keller, president of Segway, said the matter: “The European market for electric bicycles keeps on growwing and is amazingly dynamic trust that Europeans energetically gotten new bikes.

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