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siemens electric vehicles electric cars tesla
siemens electric vehicles electric cars tesla

Siemens expands its business of hybrid and electric vehicles

Siemens upgrades the improvement and production of inverters for half and half and electric vehicles and begins large scale manufacturing of drive frameworks for electric vehicles.

Siemens is extending its business electromobility by building up another plant for the improvement, creation and testing of electric drive frameworks for half and half and electric vehicles.

In particular, the organization has set up an office of 1200 square meters to make converters drive frameworks for electric vehicles. What’s more, it has likewise assembled a region for examination and testing, of 1300 square meters, which houses a few test stages and distinctive research facilities. Accordingly, the improvement office can work in complete transmissions, and charging advances for electric and half breed vehicles.

Consolidating the advancement and creation in one region, Siemens has the capacity give a speedier reaction to the individual needs of its clients in the car segment reaction. In this space -situated in the German town of Frauenauracher Strasse, in the range of ​​Erlangen they have additionally fabricated new workplaces: the region will have a sum of almost 400 experts.

Jörg Grotendorst CEO eCar Powertrain Systems, said “With our new focal point of Erlangen, devoted to the advancement and creation of inverters, we have made a stride towards large scale manufacturing of drive frameworks for the European market for electromobility.”

“Together with our motor generation in Bad Neustadt, we have the capacity to will prepare a large number of vehicles a year with our creative drive frameworks,” he said.

Siemens has put ten million euros in new structures and generation offices occupied with specialty unit drive frameworks eCar in Erlangen. By finding the plant near to the advancement office, toward the specialty unit Motion Control, Plant and Equipment Production of Erlangen (GWE), Siemens has utilized its involvement in changing over innovation for modern utilization -from the GWE 1969 and today is one of the first suppliers in the realm of drive frameworks. In 2014, Siemens opened another creation line for assembling electric engines for crossover and electric vehicles at its plant in Bad Neustadt. Engines and converters are key drive frameworks for electric and crossover vehicles parts.

Ilse Aigner, Minister of Economy, Media, Energy and Technology of the Bavarian state, focused on “Electromobility is a matter of the most elevated request. We have remembered its tremendous significance and we are attempting to propel this innovation through our ‘hostile eventual fate of electromobility. ” With our dedication around there, Siemens is serving to reinforce the development limit of the economy in Bavaria. The accomplishments of the main organizations and investigative foundations in Bavaria have solidly situated before e-versatility. ”

Joachim Herrmann, Minister of the Interior, Infrastructure and Transport of the Bavarian state, said “This new Siemens plant involves a noteworthy commitment from the district to the development of electromobility a long ways past the outskirts of Bavaria.”

Dr. Florian Janik, chairman of Erlangen, said “Siemens is focused on the territory of ​​Erlangen and interest in future innovations. Yet, Erlangen not just profit by the area of the eCar plant, yet this will likewise give answers to various issues, for example, how the electro versatility can be built up in the urban areas of reasonably: EVs preserve assets, deliver low discharges and subsequently speak to a critical commitment to portability for the future.

Siemens grows its business of half breed and electric vehicles

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