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Super electric bicycles Qulbix 2016
Super electric bicycles Qulbix 2016

Super electric bicycles : Qulbix 2016

The Slovenian company has introduced its improved models of electric bikes offroad version 2016

These ebikes are designed to make the most of the most difficult and stony paths you can find. This could not have improved the performance of the Q140R.
It has gone from having an engine power of 10kW to 15kW, thus transforming the ebike into a beast in the mountains. To power this engine has a powerful lithium-ion battery 72V / 40Ah. The performance of this ebike vary how you put power to the motor. Its highest point is 15kW but two 8kW and 2kW modes allowed thus achieving higher performance in autonomy having a range of 45 kilometers to a power of 15 kW, 8kW 80 kilometers and 170 kilometers with 2kW. Also these three power modes assuming the speed limit 80 km / h, 60 km / h and 40km / h.

The Q140R has three speeds, a front suspension DMN USD-8 200mm and CPR2 DNM rear suspension, disc brakes Shinamo Zee 2000mm front and rear wheels and 26 “x2,35”. All this for a price of € 7,000 but you can customize the ebike so the price may vary.

This kind of high-powered ebikes are not allowed on urban roads in Europe so they can move only roads or private land.

Super electric bicycles Qulbix 2016

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