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The Autopilot Tesla is updated to version 8.0
The Autopilot Tesla is updated to version 8.0

The Autopilot Tesla is updated to version 8.0

Tesla’s fleet that travels the roads of the planet creates a cloud of useful information for all cars online
The update 8.0 Tesla Autopilot gives greater prominence to the information provided by the radar, using advanced software, is able to create a three-dimensional image of the electric car environment.

The most important software update Autopilot Tesla has arrived. Using the radar on board the electric car and Bosch supplies that previously only used as an additional sensor processing system of the camera, the software is now able to create an image of the world around the electric car.

This radar now cone uses a sensor primary control that complements the camera images to confirm the recognition, a decision already sensed when Tesla ended the contract with Mobileye, announcing that the Autopilot was about to achieve a leap important with the new strategy that focuses on improving the use of the camera and the radar rather than the object detection system using a laser.

The problem with that radar equipment faces in a electric car are false alarms that can give its shape to ‘see’ the images as works by sending signals and receiving reflected on objects, which can cheat the computer. However weather conditions such as rain, fog or strong sunlight does not affect you, if something happens to the images taken by a camera and are subsequently treated by the software. The radar has the advantage that it can see much more than a camera because it does not need light to function, and may even know what happens before the preceding vehicle.

To avoid the problem of false alarms version 8.0 software Autopilot Tesla is capable of generating a cloud achieves more points for more detailed information. With the same hardware the software is able to get up to six times more information about each object.

The second part of the process is in the assembly of these snapshots obtained by the radar, which take place every tenth of a second, obtaining a three-dimensional image of the environment surrounding the Tesla electric car. By comparing the continuous frames and depending on the vehicle speed and the predicted trajectory, the system is able to assess the probability of collision against an object.

Finally in conflict areas where the system can confuse interpreting their environment, learning comes in the fleet and the use of cloud data to get a real answer. Not whitelisted spots generated helps to discern whether the obstacle is finally real or a misinterpretation of the systems.

The rest of the improvements Autopilot 8.0 version of Tesla:
– As announced, the penalty is included drivers who ignore the signals Autopilot.
– Control two cars ahead of time improving performance against sudden stops
– Automatic output of highways upon confirmation by intermittent (only available in USA).
– More visual system alerts
– Reduction of overtaking in the right lane (in Europe)
– Improved automatic lane change
– Failure to heed the signals Autopilot system is disconnected or can not be reactivated while the shift lever is not in position P. gaff
– Adjustment speed through learning curve fleet
– Also they incorporated up to 200 small improvements.

The Autopilot Tesla is updated to version 8.0

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