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The electric motorcycle M-1 Bolt got his funding
The electric motorcycle M-1 Bolt got his funding

The electric motorcycle M-1 Bolt got his funding

Is expected for summer 2016 this electric motorcycle to move through the streets.

After winning $ 200,000 asking through Indigogo Crowdfunding stage for the execution of this task,  Bolt has set to work to make a decent number of this electric motorcycle/electric bicycle.

Bolt was born in the hands of its founders Nathan Jauvtis and Zach Levenberg, two bikers spent their whole life mounted on two wheels. They needed to make a vehicle that resolved the problems in urban transport and smart electric motorcycle.

Bolt is an American organization that intends to create a motorcycle/basic and stylish retro electric bicycle, however with the most recent innovation of electric mobility.

This ebike features the latest in wireless system via Bluetooth connecting the Smartphone with electric motorcycle through its own app. The mobile thus becomes the key to start and drive the ebike forgetting wearing braces and lose power. Also thanks to the connectivity and app, you can listen to music, use the browser or have all motorcycle data from anywhere.

It also highlights its new lithium-particle batteries that are 100% recyclable, in this way reducing the waste that can create the ebike. It also emphasizes its basic retro design, however extremely striking, comfortable and agile.

Bolt has pedals if you want to pedal, drives 5.500W motor powered by a lithium-particle 33V 51Ah, offering a range of between 50 to 80 kilometers and reaches a top velocity of 64 km/h.
The value set for this electric motorcycle/ electric bike is € 5,160.6

The electric motorcycle M-1 Bolt got his funding

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