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The new electric bike of Stigo Bike
The new electric bike of Stigo Bike

The new electric bike of Stigo Bike

This novel foldable electric bike permits drivers to go for all intents and purposes anyplace on account of bike’s ultra smaller configuration and lightweight. “The Stigo bike weighs just 13,9 kg and is an insignificant 48×40 cm when collapsed. The collapsed bike looks like a golf pack or a wheeled bag, and can be brought along wherever one wishes to go – an eatery, flat, on open transportation or a little lift. This makes the bike particular and a flawless method of transport for individuals in thick urban territories,” said Rando Pikner, CEO of Stigo Ltd.

“This is an interesting open door for individuals and our future assembling accomplices to attempt the new electric bike and test how agreeable and slick it truly is. Stigo is little and safe to drive and we have gotten just constructive criticism from the general population who have tried it. It is entirely enjoyable to watch the responses of individuals in the boulevards who have seen us driving the Stigo – the smiley confronts, acknowledgment and enthusiasm from outsiders has given us the bravery to hope to see a considerable measure of Stigo-bicycles in the city later on,” said Pikner.

Stigo’s greatest pace is 25 km/h, which permits Stigo to be named a constrained execution bike with lower lawful and activity prerequisites. It can be charged from a standard outlet and collapsing it takes just two seconds. Stigo have an engine of 250W with a 36V Lithium-particle battery it have a scope of 30 km for every charge.

The new electric bike of Stigo Bike

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