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Velántur Cars, the first electric car of luxury Spanish

Velántur Autos, the first electric auto of luxury Spanish

The new organization, Velántur Autos, dispatched the first luxury auto with electric drive 100% made in Spain, another Workmanship Tech idea went for darlings of selective autos.

Navarre Jofemar organization, gaining practical experience in coordinated innovation answers for the distributing, electric portability and vitality stockpiling, and Retrofactory Andalusian, second era of the family Hurtado, author of the fabulous brand of elite autos Hurtan constituted last Friday a joint dare to produce the first luxury vehicle with electric impetus 100% created in Spain.

The new organization, Velántur Autos, in which both accomplices have a 50% stake, will create 100% electric vehicles in the previous premises of Santana in Linares (Jaén). The organization is relied upon to finish the procedure of improvement and industrialization of new vehicle more than 2016, when it will start promoting.

After the preparatory understanding marked with the Organization for Development and Improvement of Andalusia (Thought), fitting in with the Service of Economy, Advancement, Science and Vocation, agents of Velántur Autos have demonstrated that they consider exceptionally fascinating reuse and abuse of one piece of the plant Linares. This altogether fortify the modern fabric that has customarily described the region and will produce new employments, exploiting the vicinity of other vital players, for example, metalworking and Transportation Innovation Center, CETEMET, or the College. Autos Velántur creation is a piece of the vital approach of both accomplices to take care of the developing demand for these vehicles by the car market and, thusly, advance economical portability.

Following three years of innovative work, the organization Velántur Autos will dispatch the first luxury auto with electric impetus 100% produced in Spain, another idea vehicle Craftsmanship Tech went for beaus of select autos and will soon move by Spanish streets. The venture is the consequence of a few Navarre business visionaries enterprise and Andalusian united by the fantasy of making an auto fit for consolidating astounding craftsmanship, the finest materials and the cleanest vitality: power. The undertaking has gotten the backing of Juan Fernandez, Chairman of Linares.

The vehicle was created by Jofemar Electromobility, represent considerable authority in electric portability Jofemar Company division, and the organization Retrofactory has practical experience in the conceptualization, outline and improvement of exceptional autos. Its breathtaking magnificence shocked by to a great degree air movement optimized and strong lines and energized at first look. What’s more, this electric fuses the most creative new advancements to guarantee the best execution as well as aggregate appreciation for the earth and maintainability.

Organization of factory electric car

It is a family business gathering situated in Peralta (Navarra) and solid modern base which outlines, fabricates and markets, through its different divisions, a wide and inventive scope of innovation answers for the distributing, vitality, electric versatility and wellbeing . It coordinates two different brands, Sentil and V2C, with which candy machines administering and PPE working in Spain.

With more than 270 representatives working in more than 84 nations on five landmasses, the Gathering is situated as a mechanical benchmark worldwide through consistent interest in R + D + i, the firm responsibility to advancement and know- how of all its staff. Six national designations, three business auxiliaries in the United States, France and Britain and a formal system of more than 60 merchants guarantee the best specialized bolster and backing anyplace.


It is an organization that has, as a dynamic main, with a long involvement in the configuration and advancement of specialty vehicles and their promoters are the second era of the Hurtado family, author of the incredible brand of selective autos Hurtan, which for over 20 years fabricated on solicitation, these staggering vehicles for clients around the world.

With a huge responsibility to R & D, this organization was established singularly to join the ability of its staff to Velántur extend and get it unites as a kind of perspective in the section of elite electric cars.

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