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Volta Motorbikes expects to sell 600 electric motorbikes motorcycles in 2016
Volta Motorbikes expects to sell 600 electric motorbikes motorcycles in 2016

Volta Motorbikes expects to sell 600 electric scooters in 2016

The producer of electric motorbikes began the creation and showcasing of its model Volta BCN, with deals estimate 600 units one year from now.

Volta Motorbikes The organization has begun the creation and advertising in the European market for its first urban Volta BCN electric motorcycle, which will be made in two variations: Sport and City.

Volta Motorbikes chief, Marc Barceló, clarified that produced a first arrangement of 50 units of the motorcycle, which is sold in Catalonia and other European markets, as indicated by conjectures by the organization will extend to 600 units one year from now.

The brand has consented to arrangements for the dispersion of its electric motorcycles in a few European nations Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Portugal, Czech Republic-and also a first way to deal with the Americas – Mexico-.

Barcelo has remarked that are streamlining contacts with different nations to take care of the demand they have had as of late and clarified that fares will be a key element, since 90% of their motorcycles will go to global markets.

Volta Motorbikes right now keeps up a plant in Figueres (Spain) with a staff of twelve individuals, which will be stretched out to 15 if the destinations are accomplished, coming to charge around 3.6 billion euros one year from now.

The Volta BCN has a last cost for the Spanish business sector of 7,995 euros without public subsidies. It has opened a time of pre-bookings from October 1 to November 15, 2015 with an early on offer for the Spanish domain of 7,695 euros (300 euros of savings).

Designing and innovation
The Volta BCN, in both forms Sport City and offer an engine of 25 kW (35 hp) crest power, which is comparable to a gasoline motorcycle 250-400 cm3, which permits a top velocity of 120 km/h. Furthermore, the evaluated force is 11 kW (15 hp), so the driving permit A1/B is fundamental.

The two electric motorcycles are sold with 3 kWh battery made of lithium polymer cells (LiPo). The life cycle of the battery pack is more than 2,000 full revives, and as of right now the battery still holds 80% of its unique limit.

The cruiser has a most extreme scope of 70 kilometers and can be charged in a 220 V family unit outlet or anyplace in broad daylight charge in two hours. The motorbike accompanies a charger and a two-meter link with Schuko connector. The expense per energize is assessed somewhere around 0.21 and 0.45 euros relying upon the contracted rate.
The Volta BCN offers three distinctive driving modes: Eco, and Sport City. The game mode is just accessible with the Sport adaptation.

In the region of ​​fake deposit, the Volta BCN has a mid-section with ability to oblige a head protector and a portable charger. The handlebar stature is put over the mirrors of cars with a more agreeable position and loose driving is accomplished.

Motorbike series has connectivity via cell phone, with applications that give data on the status of the electric motorcycle at all times: current area, charge remaining, system burden times, know the utilization …

The activity began four years Marc Barceló hand and two partners saw a chance to do: “The pattern of electric vehicles needed to go up and the enormous producers did not see enough to enter the business sector, it was an extraordinary opportunity for small business”says Barceló.

Constancy and energy, is the thing that has prompted the Volta Motorbikes conquita markets where it has been available. At last, a year back a Canadian financial specialist turned into the brand accomplice contributing 40% of funding to industrialize the bicycles.

Volta Motorbikes is clear that the motivation buy of a motorcycle is generally controlled by its visual effect, “When you purchase a motorbike , 50% of the buy is made by the eye.” That is the reason electric vehicles give such a great amount of significance to the design, sportiness and innovation.

With the idea that the electric motorbike is the future of mobility, Volta Motorbikes have an eye on the worldwide business sector, “Europe is the local market, you have to leave Europe.”

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